ChampX Junior Golf Academy is based in Henderson, NV and specializes in instruction for elite International students, and also will be taking all levels from beginners in golf to advanced players.

Chris Mulhall is the founder and head coach of the ChampX Team.  Chris is a PGA Member and has a history of developing junior golfers.  A long line of young golfers have become successful college players.  Chris has three daughters of his own who are well on their way to successful collegiate and professional careers.  The “Champ” in ChampX is an acronym for the members of the Mulhall Family. Chris, his wife Heather, and their three daughters, Ali (12), Molli (8), and Palmer (4).

The ChampX Team is dedicated to making a positive impact on your junior golfer’s life.  Our goal is to guide them through golf and academics to the college of their dreams.