Where East Meets West Again!

Until recently Hong Kong and Macao, as former European colonies, were considered places where "East meets West." Macao has quickly trumped Las Vegas as the casino capital of the world. However, there is another new player in town, also from Asia, and we may yet again be seeing a move back toward East meets West. This time in Japan.


In 2018, the Japanese government approved the introduction of casino gaming. The main motivation was to help increase foreign tourism and create employment.


With very close ties to the US, it was only natural that Japan might look to Las Vegas as a model for casino-led tourism. With over 42 million annual visitors, Las Vegas is a superstar worth emulating.


And what about job creation? Well, Las Vegas leads here, too! For starters, casino dealers need to be trained. And then there is the must of speaking foreign languages, especially English—and particularly Casino English.


Japan is taking notice.


Casino Education Group (CEG) is the newest, premier casino training school to partner with UEC USA, an internationally recognized leader in language and professional skills development.


Together, CEG and UEC have been hard at work collaborating on several exciting programs to improve the career opportunities of its students.